Tuesday, 9 of February of 2016

Success Stories

The road to success in a demanding, ever-changing world is one down which we have all journeyed.  Trying to walk that road when you struggle daily with a limited knowledge of the language around you is an all-together different (and much more rigorous) challenge.  It is a challenge that all of our Learners know, from navigating the Web in search of employment to communicating basic needs to medical physicians to helping their children with homework.  Here at Skyline, we believe in working with our Learners so that they achieve a better tomorrow for both themselves and their families.  We believe in every person’s ability to learn and grow, regardless of history or circumstance.  We believe in you.

Below is a video featuring four of our Learners: Anay, Yuri, Andy, and Brittany.  They all came from different places and different backgrounds; they all sought to learn English and improve their literacy skills to better their lives and the lives of their families; and, with Skyline’s help, they all worked hard and overcame the various obstacles associated with these challenges to reach their goals.

In October of 2014,  freelance journalist Andrew Jenner combined forces with local NPR news and talk radio station WMRA to complete his Becoming American series, which told the stories of six Valley residents who immigrated here from other countries.  Though they came from different backgrounds and encountered different obstacles during their journeys to the United States, they all had the same goal in mind: to become an American citizen so that they could better their lives as well as those of their family members.  Five of these residents are Skyline’s own Learners, Leul, Nkhai (pictured left with her daughter), Juan, Ofelia, and Aziz.

You can catch the full scoop on them and listen to Andrew’s interviews with them here.  You can also check out his interview with Skyline’s executor director Elizabeth Girvan about the path to American citizenship here.